Items, Virtual Goods



Energy is a virtual good that can be used on STEPIN, and 1 energy is required for each round of Challenge or Practice.
Upon registering as a STEPIN member, you will receive 48 hours of unlimited energy. Once the mentioned 48-hour period ends, you will be provided with 5 free energies.
Each account can only hold a maximum of 5 free energies at a time.

Check remaining energies

The energy bar located on the top-left corner of the Home and Play screens shows the number of energies you currently hold.

Purchase energies

To purchase additional energies from the Energy Shop, go to Home or Play and tap the + icon next to the energy bar.
For further information regarding in-app purchases, please visit In-app Purchase.

Free energies

When 1 energy is used, 1 energy will automatically replenish after 10 minutes. And each account can hold a maximum of 5 free energies at a time. The timer circled below shows the time left until the next energy is added.