Service Restrictions

STEPIN is dedicated to creating an invigorating community where all users can freely express themselves while connecting with others. Hence, we sincerely request all users to comply with STEPIN’s Operational Policy and Community Guidelines.
For any breaches against STEPIN’s policies or guidelines, users will be subject to app or content restrictions as outlined in the Operational Policy.
STEPIN’s service restrictions are classified into two main categories: App Restriction and Content Restriction, and the duration and extent of service restrictions applied may vary based on the type and frequency of the violations committed.
App Restriction
App restriction refers to a temporary limitation on the use of the STEPIN app. During the period of restriction, users will not have authority to access the app in any method.
Content Restriction
Content restriction refers to a temporary limitation on viewing, commenting, and liking other users' content for a certain period. Within the duration of restriction, users cannot access the Home, Boogie, and Upload features, while the Play feature remains available.