Loading Issues

While using STEPIN, we kindly ask for your understanding that additional loading time may be required for certain features or in specific occasions.
History (Neon Dance)
The processing time for Neon Dance videos to be generated varies depending on factors which includes the device used, video background and the danceโ€™s duration and complexity.
Other Features
When the storage space on your device is running low, it can lead to increased loading time for features like Home, Boogie, Play and Upload.
If you experience slower loading speeds than usual, please follow the steps below to check if your device has sufficient remaining storage capacity.
Apple Devices
[Settings] โ†’ [General] โ†’ [Device Storage]
Android Devices
[Settings] โ†’ [Battery and device care] โ†’ [Storage]
In the event that your deviceโ€™s storage capacity is limited, we recommend freeing up space to enhance STEPINโ€™s performance. If the issue of extended loading times persists despite having sufficient storage space, please contact us at for further assistance.
When reporting the issue to us, please provide the following information for us to investigate and resolve the matter to the utmost of our capacity:
Comprehensive description of the error
Screenshot/ screen recording of the error
Device model (e.g., iPhone 14 Pro, Galaxy S21)
App version (e.g., 1.1.4 โ€“ Please check in Settings.)
OS version (e.g., iOS 16, Android 13)
Country of residence