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STEPIN Community Guidelines

Effective Date: Apr 28, 2023
SIDEWALK Entertainment Co., Ltd. (“The Company”, “We” or “Us”) is dedicated to creating a community where users from all corners of the globe can gather to enjoy and freely express themselves through K-pop dance across borders, via STEPIN (“App” or “Platform”). We have established these Community Guidelines to ensure the overall safety of You and all other users and to build a global community in which users can support one another.
In order to provide a healthy and safe environment for all users, these Guidelines outline the rules and ethical standards that we ask all users to follow when using STEPIN. If any users violate these Guidelines, service restrictions or account deletion may be imposed by us. By using STEPIN, you are deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to comply with these Guidelines, the STEPIN End User Agreement and other supplementary Policies and Terms set forth by the Company.
If you observe any behavior that causes discomfort or harm to other users, please report it to immediately. STEPIN takes all reports seriously and processes them thoroughly.
For residents of the Republic of Korea, please refer to Community Guidelines – Republic of Korea.
In these Guidelines, "content" refers to multimedia materials including videos, photos, comments, and captions.

1 Protection of Minors

In STEPIN, we have set an age limit on the usage of our Service in the aim of protecting minors. We consider the safeguarding of minors to be of utmost importance and have implemented strict measures to prohibit any content or conduct that could potentially cause harm to minors.
(i) You must be 13 years old or above to access and use STEPIN.
(ii) In case we reasonably believe that you have provided false age information in your user account, we have the right to change the related information.
Content and actions that may harm minors, including sexual exploitation, sexual misconduct, content that implies or creates videos or speeches that promote child sexual abuse, and grooming of minors are strictly prohibited in STEPIN. Users who engage in such behavior are strictly prohibited.
We also implement a zero-tolerance policy for illegal actions towards minors, such as proposing illegal activities or engaging in sexual harassment. For example, the following actions or content must not be produced, presented, promoted, or participated in:
(i) Creating, publishing, or promoting sexual content or behavior towards minors
(ii) Any behavior, actions or content associated with pedophilia
(iii) Encouraging or inducing inappropriate behavior towards minors.
By using STEPIN, You agree to abide by these rules and regulations. We will take all necessary measures to prevent any illegal actions towards minors and cooperate with law enforcement authorities as needed. If any illegal actions towards minors no the App are suspected, please report them to us without delay.

2 Nudity, Pornography and Other Sexual Content

We strictly prohibit and discipline sexual exposure and harassment revealed or suggested through content and speech (including comments and captions), considering them as unacceptable behaviors. If a user violates this regulation, they may receive disciplinary action such as service restriction or suspension.
Any sexual content or exposure is strictly prohibited, examples include:
Sexual content and exposure (including sexual suggestive body exposure, partial exposure of nipples/genitals/pubic area, etc.)
Actions that reflect sexual intentions
Implying or evoking sexual acts or sexual intercourse
Any form of sexual harassment utilizing the body
Displaying or using adult toys
Sharing obscene materials through videos, photos, text, or emoticons
Displaying or sharing content that intentionally involves animal genitalia or pedophilia
Seeking or proposing sexual acts with others
Partial exposure in only underwear
Remarks or contents that are sexually harassing
Sexual harassment using the body
Showing a part of body with objects, such as sex toys, dolls, underwear, etc.
Actions and expressions that suggest sexual intercourse or equivalent behavior
Remarks related to sexual harassment

3 Hatred, Insult, Bullying

We strive to create and maintain a community where everyone can participate in and be respected. All STEPIN users should be protected and respected regardless of race, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, status, sexual identity, sexual orientation, disability, illness, or health status.
In this regard, we prohibit all sorts of discrimination, defamation, hate content, hate speech, bullying and threats. Hence, displaying, participating and involving in the below contents or actions are explicitly forbidden.
Content promoting or presenting ideologies of hatred against individuals or certain groups
Content, behavior or speech of racism
Promoting organizations associated with or terrorism, extremist ideology, crime or hate
Engaging in activities or displaying content that promote terrorism, extremist ideology, crime or hate
Content which insults or derides celebrity, singer, politician or the deceased
Behaviors and contents that insult, use abusive language, threaten, harass, or make others feel uncomfortable
Defaming or slandering other users in any aspect
Using private information to threaten or intimidate individuals or groups
Demanding or threatening for monetary or material value
Harassing or threatening with screen captures or records

4 Content and Behavior that Promotes Harassment, Violence, and Sexual Humiliation

We motivate and inspire all our global users by engaging with and sharing optimistic and joyful content. Actions that display or incite cruel, violent, abusive content or behavior are prohibited on STEPIN. Therefore, in STEPIN, the exposure, provocation, and display of cruelty, violence and abuse in content and behavior are not permitted.
If this regulation is violated, we reserve the right to remove the related content, restrict or delete user accounts involved at our discretion. Hence, users should refrain from actions related to or uploading content that may cause discomfort to other users, including the following examples:
Posting content related to animal or human abuse
Content containing scenes from horror movies, executions, or death of animals or humans
Any behavior or content connected to violence (including the depiction of the perpetrator or victim)
Causing fear or discomfort of other users, such as displaying guns, knives or weapons
Any behavior or content which promotes or is related to self-harm or suicide
Harming yourself or others on purpose with weapons
Content featuring bodily fluids such as urine, feces, and saliva
Content or behavior that is offensive or hateful
Content showing enlarged wounds, skin, or saliva
Content featuring licking or sucking of body parts that causes unpleasant feelings
Content showing enlarged body parts on purpose
Using inappropriate or offensive user IDs, usernames, profile pictures or profile covers
Any deformed images or videos

5 Privacy Policy

We have the right to delete any private and personal information shared on profiles or content, in accordance with our judgement. Unauthorized sharing of private information, demanding personal information from others, stealing personal information, or impersonating others is strictly prohibited. If you encounter any such actions, please report them immediately.
Please find below the types of private information that must not be requested, disclosed, or utilized without authorization:
Personally identifiable information, such as:
Legal name
Email address
Location or address of home, work, school or current area
Personal ID, such as:
social security numbers, driver's licenses, and passports
Personal financial information, such as bank account and credit card details
Contact information and social media accounts, such as:
phone number
Kakao Talk, Line, Telegram, Signal or WhatsApp
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube account
All kinds of data that is reasonably deemed to be private
Sharing, uploading, or requesting personal information
Impersonation and identity theft, such as:
Using someone else’s photo
Creating accounts using someone else’s email address or social media accounts
Using someone else's photos or creating accounts using their mobile phone number or social media accounts.

6 All types of Illegal Activities and More

For the safety of all users, all STEPIN users must comply with the applicable laws and regulations of their countries, regions, and internationally. All content and actions that propose, encourage, include, or cause illegal activities are strictly prohibited. If this regulation is violated, it may be reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies. In addition, matters not specified in this regulation may be classified as inappropriate content or behavior and the associated member account may be subject to service restrictions or sanctions at our discretion.
Therefore, you should not present, encourage or participate in the following actions and contents listed below:
Participating in or promoting forced marriage, forced labor, child trafficking, or prostitution;
Selling illegal counterfeit goods, drugs, or firearms;
Theft, destruction, or damage of public or third-party property, or engaging in such activities;
Spamming and scamming;
Promoting illegal sites or apps;
Advertising or promoting any products or services without our permission;
Soliciting, promoting, or inducing financial investments;
Deceiving and defrauding others;
Selling, promoting, or inciting the use of drugs or other controlled substances;
Trading products of tobacco or alcohol;
Abnormal use of STEPIN, including the use of emulators;
Using bots to attack, threaten or disrupt the regular functionality of STEPIN;
Using inappropriate avatars;
Creating inappropriate or offensive usernames;
Creating duplicate, fake or dummy accounts;
Impersonating an operator of ours;
Using STEPIN for purposes other than its intended use;
Trading or selling user accounts;
Violating the Platform’s terms of use or negatively impacting the App;
Providing inaccurate personal information such as gender, age, etc.;
Capturing or recording other users' videos or content;
Inappropriately reporting other users who uses STEPIN without violating our Policies and Regulations;
Gambling activities, such as advertising for casinos, sports betting, or any other commercial gambling activity;
Other undefined misconduct that negatively affects the Company, the App service or other users.